sobota, 24 lipca 2010

Pathfinder – Beyond The Space Beyond The Time (2010)

symphonic power metal

01.Deep into that Darkness Peering… 03:23
02.The Whisper of Ancient Rocks 05:53
03.Vita Reducta Through the Portal 01:00
04.Pathway to the Moon 06:52
05.All the Mornings of the World 05:04
06.The Demon Awakens 06:10
07.Undiscovered Dreams 05:00
08.The Lord of Wolves 06:40
09.Sons of Immortal Fire 05:12
10.Stardust 08:30
11.Dance of Flames 01:02
12.The Island of Immortal Fire 05:06
13.Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time 10:34
14.What if… 01:27

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