sobota, 31 lipca 2010

Exit Wounds / Jigsore Puzzle - Split (2008)

grindcore / powerviolence

Exit Wounds
01.Acid Head
02.Sergio Martino Will Cut You Up
03.Undiluted Threats
04.You Make Me Sick
05.Death Is Not Enough
07.We're All Doomed

Jigsore Puzzle
08.We Will Take Hostages To Force Adam West Back In Business
09.Good Times For The Bastards
10.The Golden Arrow Jigsore Puzzle
12.Hypnocore Strikes Back
13.Bo Sky And The Vespas Vs. Ron Silver Glitter Group
14.Ein Buddah-Brot Mit Extra Viel Askase
15.Die Affen-SS Marchiert Wieder
17.I Saw You
18.Snow Means Snow
19.Here For Beer
20.Neues Aus Leichenhausen

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